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Someone funded building these boardwalks through the tidelands to allow easy observation of the plants and animals.

 Above and to the left, note the birdhouses.
These are all from our trip to Belfair State Park.      The excellent photography is due to an iPhone 8 and yours truly. One click on a photo will get you a much bigger image.
The biggest problem of my life seems to be getting motivated enough to get to the gym.  I think possibly I am just plain lazy.  I am writing this as I get ready to go, at about 0915 as opposed to the 0800 it should have been.  Some days I just blow it off, some days I go for a walk instead.  Why do I hate the gym?
                                                                               9 October 2019

Hi, I am going to try to have a website again.  Maybe it will replace Facebook, maybe not.  This is a quick beginning.
To get started, I selected a picture from our camping trip to Belfair State Park in early August.  We discovered that we liked the morning campfire more than the evening one.